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On Tue, 8 October, 2013 - 01:17
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Our FBA Podcasts and Dharmabytes in September began in the realm of science and moved into the nature of mind before stepping into our common experience of fear, which will be our theme going into October. Our team loves putting these podcasts together for our community. Please help spread the word about Free Buddhist Audio - with a huge library of talks available for free online in multiple languages, podcasts three times a week, and access to a huge collection of seminars and study materials - we have a lot to share!


Every Saturday we podcast a full length Dharma talk from by a Triratna Buddhist Community practitioner. On September 21st we brought you “Buddhism, Modern Physics and the Nature of Reality” - a fantastic and thought-provoking talk by Jnanavaca, given at the London Buddhist Centre’s Open Day in May 2010. This was followed up the next week with “The Hub of the Wheel” by Jnangarbha. This talk on The Hub was originally recorded in December 2003 and is available on Free Buddhist Audio thanks to the volunteer efforts of the Croydon Buddhist Centre Digital Archive Project.

For our FBA Dharmabytes we had “Freedom from Raga” by Maitreyi - an excerpt from a thoughtful and enlightening talk titled, “The Root of Good.” Then we offered a recently re-discovered little lost delight – Sangharakshita and Subhuti launching each other’s books and clearly enjoying themselves. Sangharakshita’s in fine humour – and it’s great to hear him read and quote from the bible! Is that a twinkle in his voice? In this excerpt, “Launch of The Buddhist Vision” Sangharakshita launches Subhuti’s book by reminiscing about early discussions on ‘what Buddhism is’ – religion, philosophy or science. To listen to the full launch, see “Launch of The Buddhist Vision and the Dhammapada 
by Sangharakshita and Subhuti.”

In yet another jewerl of an FBA Dharmabyte, “Fighting Against Change,” Sagaraghosa reminds us through the telling of the story of Kisa Gotami that we are not making a mistake if we find life difficult sometimes. On the other hand there is a possibility of freedom from dukkha if we accept things what cant be changed. From the talk “What Do Buddhists Think – Physics” given at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre, December 2012. And finally, “Tasting Fear,” by Kulaprabha. In this little excerpt from the talk “Spiritual Death, Fear and Fearlessness” we hear how spiritual death is about death of our fixed, bounded self. This self that is made up of bundled habits and preferences and views – especially views about existence and non-existence. So don’t be surprised if, when contemplating the impermanence and unreliability of that small self, you taste fear. It’s natural enough in the circumstances. After all, fine to talk loftily about ‘dying to one’s ego’, but who will be left after that’s done? Where will ‘I’ be?

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