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The Science of Reality

On Tue, 17 September, 2013 - 02:32
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Our theme this month as we started out the month of September has been on evolution, science and reality. We began by revisiting a talk from our founder and teacher, Sangharakshita entitled “Enlightenment as Experience and as Non-Experience” given in 1975. Featuring two Dharmabytes - little nuggets of Dharma to inspire your practice - in the first week of the month. Firstly: “Enlightenment as Experience.” Here Sangharakshita exposes a modern disease of frustrated craving for experience. He suggests that spiritual life is better seen in more concrete ways; as growth, work, and duty. And secondly, “Enlightenment as Non-Experience,” where Sangharakshita explores the alternative to considering Enlightenment as experience. Nirvana is the experience you have when you stop experiencing.

Next up in our Dharmabytes line up we turned to “Radical Interconnectedness” by Satyanandi who looks at radical interconnectedness and the nature of mind as it meets the world. In the full talk, “How We See the World,” she takes the listener on a very intriguing trip through the myriad worlds of consideration that arise when view, experience and reality meet. Her starting point is science and its various models for how the universe works – from mechanism to quantum physics.

Then Vaddhaka shares his reflections on “Karma Niyama” from the talk “The Five Niyamas and the Evolution of the Human Brain”. Here Vaddhaka illustrates the volitional mental order, or Karma Niyama, that which guides our moral or ethical choices.

In addition to our twice weekly Dharmabytes we feature a full length Dharma talk that we podcast every Saturday.

On September 7th we released “Reality As A Way Of Life,” a lovely talk by Vajrasakhi, current chair of Tiratanaloka Retreat Centre in Wales. Vajrasakhi shares her thoughts on Enlightenment as a way of living, a way of being conscious, a way of being aware, even creatively aware.

And on September 14th Manjuvajra condenses the Evolution talks into one that puts the spiritual life into the context of evolution – an update of Bhante’s Higher Evolution talks - in “Buddhism and Science”.

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