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Nature, Man & Enlightenment

On Wed, 17 July, 2013 - 19:58
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It’s the heart of summer in the northern hemisphere and we are all spending a lot of time outdoors. What better time than to reflect on Nature, Man & Enlightenment?

Our July Podcasts, so far:

In our first full length FBA Podcast of the month Akuppa, explores the relationships and connections between “Buddhism and Ecology.” In the face of global climate crisis what can we do? How can we change the ways we think and respond to the seemingly insurmountable problems the planet faces? Akuppa’s thoughtful introduction to the worlds of scientific and deep ecology asks us the hard questions and offers some hope for possible answers. Drawing on the work of Joanna Macy and others, he traces positive lessons to be learned from simply observing and engaging with nature’s patterns and processes – and invites us all to prepare to be awestruck as a necessary first step.

In our second FBA podcast this month we offer Sangharakshita’s 1976 talk titled “Nature, Man and Enlightenment” from the Stura of Golden Light series. We seek happiness, but often we find that our desires and aspirations are in conflict. This struggle and its resolution are symbolically portrayed in the sutra by the figures of the Monk and Drdha, the Earth-Goddess.

Did you know Free Buddhist Audio offers two free podcasts? Our full length talks are released every Saturday, in our FBA Podcast. And then twice a week we offer a second, more pithy podcast called FBA Dharmabytes. These are small, yet potent, nuggets of Dharma hand picked from our vast library of audio recordings.

This month we have released the following FBA Dharmabytes:

Entitled “Man’s Use of Nature,” this first one is part of the talk “Nature, Man and Enlightenment.” Here, Sangharakshita discusses man’s use of natural resources, and the Buddhist duty to become loving stewards of our environment.

And then, for another brief yet poignant reflection, in our second weekly Dharmabyte we offer another segment from the same talk: “An Understanding of Nature.” Sangharakshita here reveals a richer way of understanding nature and seeing it in its spiritual depths – bringing in the concepts of cyclic existence and the furthest reaches of perception and cosmos.

And finally, bringing us up to the most recent release, Satyajit gives us “Awakening to the Earth” given at Buddhafield’s Green Earth Awakening event in May 2013. Here Satyajit poetically evokes the deep feelings of beauty and potential in life when we make contact with the natural world, and how this connection inspires us to share those feelings with others.

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