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The Inexhaustible Lamp: Support Free Buddhist Audio in 2019!

On Thu, 27 December, 2018 - 18:43
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“Sisters, there is a door of the Dharma called ‘The Inexhaustible Lamp.’ Practise it! What is it? Sisters, a single lamp may light hundreds of thousands of lamps without itself being diminished.“ 
(From the Vimalakirti Nirdesa)

2018 has been a momentous year for the Triratna Buddhist Community – incorporating the celebration of 50 years of the Order itself (listen to inspiring interviews from our ongoing 50 Years, 50 Voices project); and taking in, of course, the death of our founder, Urgyen Sangharakshita.

Free Buddhist Audio has been there throughout - bringing the best of the Dharma to you from around our diverse international community. In 2018 400 new Dharma talks were uploaded to FBA, bringing us after 12 years close to the amazing landmark of offering 5,000 talks on the site - a treasury of Dharma riches available to all! A truly inexhaustible lamp of inspiration for anyone who needs it.

Here are 12 of the best from Free Buddhist Audio this year:

1. A great series from Taraloka by Prasadavati on the Satipatthana Sutta 

2. Ratnaghosha explores the six perfections of a Bodhisattva and how we can practice them

3. The keynote talks from the International Order Convention in India on the theme of the “Lion’s Roar”

4. A series of talks from the International Council on the Eight Verses for Training the Mind

5. An introduction to the 50 Years, 50 Voices project - a living hologram of the Triratna Buddhist Order on the occasion of our 50th anniversary

6. A passionate talk by Mahamani on reverence and ritual - ‘Reverencing the Buddha - I Bow to No One Dead Or Alive’

7. Remembering Sangharakshita: Reflections from Vishvapani on the day on Urgyen Sangharakshita’s death

8. The main welcoming speeches and eulogies from Sangharakshita’s funeral

9. Three talks from Order Members reflecting on what meditation means to them

10. ‘Seeing Through’ - a Dharmabyte from Sanghadevi on the Bodhisattva Manjughosha who cuts through to the truth

11. Paramananda shares a poem about the moon to express our longing from something greater than us

12. Ten Order Members from ‘down under’ discuss the future of the Triratna Buddhist community on our sister podcast for The Buddhist Centre Online

If you love the Dharma and appreciate what we do to bring it to everyone for free on the web, please support us now with a donation. Give the gift of the Dharma for 2019 – help us keep the inexhaustible lamp shining brightly so more people can benefit from its light!

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