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Going for Refuge

On Mon, 1 July, 2013 - 08:26
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Wrapping up the Triratna America feature on, we offered talks by members of the San Francisco Buddhist Center through the end of June.

Beginning with Padmatara, the Director of the San Francisco Buddhist Center, who offered a short down to earth short talk for our first FBA Dharmabyte titled: “Ethics and Speech: What Am I Trying to Say?”. Padmatara discusses the ethics of speech as well as authenticity, kindness and miscommunication. She has been working with ways to bring more awareness to her own communication and is still learning from resistance and obstacles along the way.

Next up was our full-length FBA Podcast from Viveka, current chair person of the center. She asks ‘What is it to look to the ‘Three Jewels’ as a response to our dissatisfaction? “Going for Refuge” is a personable and wide-ranging look at one of the most important aspects of Buddhist practice, whose significance is upheld in every tradition. A thoughtful exploration, taking in traditional Dharma approaches and contemporary counter-cultural art forms and ways of living…

In our next Dharmabyte, Karunadevi, one of the founders of the San Francisco Buddhist Center, offers an excerpt from “The Individual, the Group and the Spiritual Community” Karunadevi explores the dangers and benefits of practicing within a sangha using the Buddha’s teaching on the mental fetters and various commentaries by Sangahrakshita.

Then Suvarnaprabha asks us: ‘What do we revere? Is reverence a Buddhist practice? When we bow, does it mean we are unworthy?’ This FBA Dharmabyte is titled “Reverence as a Path,” Suvaranaprabha explores “the problem of how to translate knowing into being” with quotations by Urgyen Sangharakshita, Lama Suyra Das, and Shunryu Suzuki.

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