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The Full Sun of the Dharma

On Tue, 30 July, 2013 - 22:17
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Ah, July…the heart of summer. A time to bring to mind the full sun of the Dharma with our FBA Podcasts and Dharmabytes.

Our July Podcasts have included a lovely talk by Sanghamani given during the Buddhafield East “Buddhism and the Natural World” retreat titled: “May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers”. Here, Sanghamani draws inspiration from the use of images in nature linked to the Buddhas Enlightenment, Maras assault, and calling the earth goddess to witness and how we can use them to help us contact our own fearlessness and confidence. She encourages us to see our weeds as wildflowers and use metta to plant new seeds in order to create our own Buddhafields. She also speaks personally about the Buddhafields as places that offer the perfect conditions for spiritual growth.

Then, in our most recent FBA Podcast, Dhammagita, gives us “Dads and Mums, Truth and Lies”. Given as a Dharma Day festival talk at the West London Buddhist Centre in July 2011, Dhammagita celebrates the Dharma – emphasising the importance of truth and authenticity – and ends with a heartfelt expression of gratitude to her own teachers.

In addition to our weekly full-length Dharma talk podcasts released every Saturday, we also offer our subscribers two little Dharmabytes each week - a few minutes of audio from our vast collection of talks can go a long way in terms of reflection, insight, and inspiration.

The last three FBA Dharmabytes include a segment from Sangharakshita’s talk “The New Man Speaks” given in 1971. In this excerpt titled “What Do We Celebrate on Dharma Day?” Sangharakshita speaks to the meaning of the Buddhist Dharma Day festival – a commemoration of the first impact of the enlightened man on the unenlightened world.

And then we have a set of closing remarks from Padmavajra following Guhyavajra’s talk “Concepts, Symbol and Dharma as Sambhogakaya” given at Padmaloka Retreat Centre on a Going for Refuge Retreat in 2001. We’ve called this one: “The Dharma is Received” and here again the speaker, Padmavajra, reflects on Dharma Day and the importance of that moment of the first full understanding of the Buddha’s teachings by Kondanna.

And to close out the month of July, our final FBA Dharmabyte is one of three short talks on the topic of “Inspiring Young People with the Dharma” given at given at Sheffield Buddhist Centre. Entitled “Inspiring Young People,” Kate offers her thoughts on being a young person in the Triratna Buddhist Community and about getting engaged in the workings of the sangha.

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