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FBA Podcast: Sowing Seeds In the Soil of the Mind - The Alaya

On Sat, 23 June, 2018 - 12:00
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This FBA Podcast is a talk by Ratnaprabha entitled ‘Sowing Seeds In the Soil of the Mind - The Alaya.’

The alaya, or storehouse consciousness, is the Buddhist equivalent of the unconscious mind. It is like a garden, in which every experience and action sows a seed which may later sprout and create our unfolding life.

This talk describes how this relates to the six sense awarenesses, the mind as a sense, and the contaminated mind which reads everything in terms of self and not self.

Mindfulness finds a creative path between leaving the alaya on autopilot, and allowing the contaminated mind to interfere and fill the garden with weeds and rubbish.

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