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Dharmabyte: Offering Your Life

On Mon, 17 June, 2019 - 14:00
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Today’s Dharmabyte is ‘Offering your Life’ by Yashobodhi.

In this personal talk Yashobodhi goes into the aspiration to be of benefit to all beings, the pitfalls an aspiring Bodhisattva can come across and about the journey from concept to experienced reality and back again.

From the talk, Who Wants to Become a Bodhisattva? given at Aryaloka Buddhist Center in the USA, 2016.

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Yashobodhi's picture

Just saw you selected this as Dharmabyte on this date and (apart from wishing my talk was a bit less in meandering style) wanted to say this was the anniversary of my private ordination (14 years ago last Monday).