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Dharmabyte: No Labels in Reality

On Thu, 6 August, 2015 - 15:51
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Our FBA Dharmabyte today drops us into the realm of ritual with “No Labels in Reality”. One of the dominant themes in The Diamond Sutra is animitta samadhi, no-thing is supported by any other thing, there is no gift, no giver, no receiver.

Excerpted from “The Diamond Sutra”, a gem of a talk by Abhaya. With his customary dry wit and sharp eye he leads us on the crazy paving path through the Diamond Sutra – a text guaranteed to turn your world upside-down. Some very funny parts to this talk – and some excellent evocations of rigorous Dharma practice as part of the everyday business of life. Watch out too for an intriguing discussion of the sutra as Vajrapani and as a zen master… Great stuff!

Talk given at the Western Buddhist Order national Order weekend 2003.

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