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Dharmabyte: A Garland of Going Forth

On Mon, 16 September, 2019 - 14:00
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This is one of a series of talks on the Therigatha, the songs or poems of the nuns at the time of the Buddha.

Gunasiddhi begins by saying that the songs are trying to communicate a level of spiritual experience to the hearer. The talk contains three themes: Going Forth, Friendship and Impermanence.

In this Dharmabyte we hear about the topic of Going forth which happened in a variety of ways for different reasons for these nuns. For us, we don’t go forth in the same way, but there is a huge variety of ways in which we can go forth, in body, speech and mind.

From the talk, Songs of the Elder Sisters, given on a Sangha Retreat organized by the Glasgow Buddhist Centre, 2010.

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There’s always time for new beginnings…simple 🌈