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Dharmabyte: The Elder Revealed – Gentleness Prevails

On Mon, 7 December, 2015 - 11:00
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We’ve been moved to share an abundant handful of Sangharakshita’s writings and poems over the next few weeks. In today’s FBA Dharmabyte, “The Elder Revealed”, an excerpt from his own elegant and moving unpublished story, Sanghrakshita evokes the spiritual efforts of a monk who occupies the ‘Holy Man’s Cave’ above an Indian village at the time of the Buddha. From “The Cave”, read by the author.

Questioning our friends affectionately leaves them feeling as if they are not being questioned at all. Allowing answers to emerge from the deep, hidden aspects of ourselves, reveals our deepest truth. Hear Sumana’s feelings about the Buddha, a wandering monk, and his spiritual efforts under the inspiration of the Dharma.

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