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Dharmabyte: Climate Crisis Calls for Rapid Transformation

On Mon, 29 July, 2019 - 14:00
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Tejopala likens the current global climate crisis to a village with a fire that threatens everyone in it and asks what a community of monks living in such a village might do in such circumstances. He also draws on the advice given by Urgyen Sangharakshita in his talk given in 1984 called ‘Buddhism, World Peace and Nuclear War’ as to how Buddhists should act to address an overwhelming existential threat, in which Bhante urges civil resistance. 

Excerpted from the talk Dhamma In a Time of Climate Crisis which explores ways to work to address the climate situation as part of an effective Dharma practice, as well as the dangers that this kind of work can pose for Buddhists when it comes to mental states of anger, fear and mental proliferation (prapanca).

This talk was given at the Melbourne Buddhist Centre as part of Buddhist Action Month 2019

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