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Dharmabyte: Being More in Tune with the Middle Way

On Mon, 30 September, 2019 - 14:00
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Here Samantabhadri expertly and imaginatively tackles the theme of Wisdom, using the verses in the third section of Tsongkhapa’s short text on the “Three Principle Aspects of the Path”. Dharma themes of the laksanas, suffering, niyamas, self - and no-self - are interwoven with more personal reflections, and with thought-provoking quotations - “…. emptiness, activity and compassion are not three things, but one thing looked at from three different points of view….”

This is the third of three talks all based on Tsongkhapa’s text, and given on the 2009 UK Women’s Order Mitra Event entitled The Path of the Buddha’s Delight given at Taraloka Retreat Centre, May 2009.

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