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Dharmabyte: Aspiration and Joining the Order

On Thu, 1 May, 2014 - 14:23
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In today’s FBA Dharmabyte, “Aspiration and Joining the Order”, Saddhanandi takes us through a set of very thought-provoking reflections. She is forthright indeed about the difficulties and joys of cultivating faith in the Dharma and makes very plain the consequences we can expect in our life as and when that faith arises. The full talk, entitled, “Enlightenment as Heart, Life as Whole” is peppered with examples from her own practice. The audience clearly appreciates her sense of humour – which is often at her own expense.

The event was recorded in a very large marquee on a rainy day and despite that the sound quality is still OK!

One of the Lines of Acceptance of the WBO Ordination ceremony is “For the Attainment of Enlightenment, I Accept This Ordination.” We took that line as the theme of an International Sangha Gathering for women who had asked for ordination, held at Taraloka in 2005 . This was one of two keynote talks on the event.

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