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Dharmabyte: Anatomy of the Breath

On Mon, 23 July, 2018 - 12:05
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In this Dharmabyte podcast, ‘Anatomy of the Breath’, Padmadarshini gives us a really good working context to help our meditation practice.

Best to lie down comfortably as you listen to her description of the anatomical and physiological processes involved in breathing. She’s a yoga teacher as well as a meditation teacher and she draws on both those sets of skills to give this talk. And as you lie there, she’ll help you tune into your own own body with some very simple exercises and suggestions. Expect to come away with some very practical tips on how to become more aware of your breathing body.

This is an excerpt of the full talk of the same name given on “One Moment at a Time” retreat at Taraloka and is a companion talk to the body scan meditation led by Vidyamala. (The sound quality is a little bit ‘fuzzy’ in parts but the content more than makes up for that.)

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