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Dharma Warriors & The Young People's Sangha

On Wed, 14 August, 2013 - 15:13
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Our Podcasts this month have highlighted talks from the Young People’s Sangha with a Dharma Warrior thrown in for good measure. We offer Dharmabytes twice a week - little nuggets of Dharma that stand on their own for inspiration and reflection - these may be shorter talks or excerpts from our longer talks. And then every Saturday we podcast a full-length Dharma talk from our growing international archive. Check out the latest posts coming in from our Worldwide FBA Community - 9 languages available!

We start out our Dharmabytes this month with “Choice in Young People’s Practice”. Here Vidyaruci speaks on the wealth of choice for young people and the importance of getting clear on making the right choices in order to seize every opportunity available to practice well going forward in life.

Then, in our full-length FBA Podcast, “Young People, the Bodhisattva Ideal, and Padmasambhava,” Vajratara delivers a tour-de-force of a talk. With intense engagement she weaves together her first contact with meditation and the Dharma (being forced to go by her best-friend’s Mum!), early explorations with drugs, her love of teaching, how to build a spiritual community, Padmasambhava, and the Bodhisattva Ideal.

Next up: another FBA Dharmabyte! One of several short segments about the New Society from the talk “New Society Weekend 2011″ given at Birmingham Buddhist Centre. In it, thoughts on various topics were offered by young people in the Triratna Buddhist Community. In this segment, entitled “Starting a Young Person’s Group,” Ben Niblock speaks on a personal level about his experiences with developing programs for young sangha members – the doubt and uncertainty of teaching the Dharma, discovering oneself by building supportive practice conditions for others, and the challenge of bringing the special energy of this environment into new groups and new places.

Followed by another FBA Dharmabyte entitled “Young People and the Dharma” from Lindsay Hannah. This was an address to members of the European Buddhist Union gathered at Taraloka. Here she shares an array of thought-provoking practical ways that Centres could inspire more young people to practice the Dharma.

Then we introduce the Dharma Warrior in our full-length FBA Podcast, by Padmavajra, given during the 2013 Young men’s retreat at Padmaloka. Entitled “The Way of the Dharma Warrior”, Padmavajra describes the qualities of the Dharma Warrior and how Dharma Warriors are fighting in the great battle between the spiritual community and the group – fighting for the liberation of the truly human individual against the forces of mediocrity and uniformity – the battle with Mara who embodies those forces. Padmavajra concludes with David Jones’ magnificent evocation of a warrior in his poem ‘The Hunt’.

And then rounding it out with a final FBA Dharmabyte which is an excerpt from Dharmashalin’s longer talk given at Padmaloka on the topic of becoming a Dharma warrior. In “Why Be a Warrior?” he offers accessible examples from pop culture and personal experiences to illustrate the qualities of a peaceful Dharma warrior and speak to the meaning of developing in this way for our spiritual lives.

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