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On Mon, 24 September, 2012 - 12:44
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Free Buddhist Audio offers two Podcasts each week - our full length talks on Saturdays and two shorter excerpts from talks released on Mondays and Thursdays called FBA Dharmabytes. This week our theme is that of Sunyata and Anatma with a talk by Dassini and our Dharmabytes selected from talks by Nagapriya and Kamalashila. Subscribe to both our Podcasts for several doses of Dharma inspiration each week!

This weeks FBA Podcast, released Saturday 22 September The Therigatha and the Problem of Selfby Dassini, takes us into the lives of the early bhikkunis. Two verses by elderly nuns, Dhamma and Citta, give rise to reflection on letting go of fixed self view as a major component of breaking through to Enlightenment.

On Monday we released the first FBA Dharmabyte of the week which comes to us from the talk “Simplicity” by Kamalashila titled: “Seeing Emptiness”. Here he suggests a direct approach to emptiness by seeing the free and spacious nature of things, watching the motion in the mind and recognizing the elusive nature of thoughts. Talk given at FWBO Day, 2004

And in Thursday’s FBA Dharmabyte titled: Talking About Sunyata Nagapriya explores the style of thought involved in conceptualizing sunyata – speaking in terms of what it isn’t so as not to limit its definition. Excerpted from the talk, The Philosophy of Emptiness given at Manchester Buddhist Centre, 2009 as part of the series Visions of Mahayana Buddhism.

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