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Death is Certain, and Other Points of Freedom

On Sun, 3 November, 2013 - 02:22
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We rolled out some esoteric talks through the rest of October, giving space for reflection on Padmasambhava, the great guru of Tibet, including a ‘long-lost talk’ by Sangharakshita given at the London Buddhist Center in 1979 along with sprinkles of death, change and compassion.

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In “Death is Certain” from the talk “The Transitoriness of Life and the Certainty of Death” Vajradarshini talks about disassociating from our own death and how our death really is not that significant. In imagining this, knowing this, there is freedom.

We then are introduced to “Padmasambhava’s Teachings” in a talk by Sangharakshita entitled: “Padmasambhava: Tantric Guru of Tibet” given in 1972. Padmasambhava, often known as the ‘Second Buddha’, is famous for converting the demons of Tibet.

Opening up into a devotional verse, Vajratara offers “Padmasambhava’s Song,” a beautifully inspiring moment in her talk “Padmasambhava and the King of Tibet” given at Sheffield Buddhist Centre, 2007. Another tour-de-force from Vajratara, looking to approach the great figure of Padmasambhava – the ‘Second Buddha’ – through his famous meeting with the King of Tibet.

It is said that Padmasambhava kept company with the Dakinis, or sky-dancers. In “Dakinis: Forces To Be Integrated,” we catch of glimpse of these energies from from the previously unreleased talk titled “Padmasambhava” by Sangharakshita.

And then we turn around on our heels to meet compassion in “Compassion: An Intrinsic Part of Reality,” by Vijayamala in an excerpt from an excellent, personal set of reflections entitled “Compassionate Koans – the Heart of the Matter”. Here she shares her thoughts on compassion as an intrinsic part of reality referring to Mandarava in ‘The Life and Liberation of Padmasambhava’ and describing how Bodhisattvas, messengers of the Dharma and embodiments of compassion, continue to suffer for lifetimes.

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“Change Is Overdue” is by Maitrisara who shares her thoughts on the theme of ‘A Force for Good in the World’, given in the Dharma Parlour at the 2010 Buddhafield Festival in Somerset, UK. Maitrisara lives in Oxford, UK, where she’s active in a wide range of community projects – as well as Triratna’s EcoDharma centre in the Pyrenees.

“Padmasambhava: The Lost Talk”, previously unreleased and, rather famously, given off-the-cuff at the London Buddhist Centre, Sangharakshita gives us this enjoyable and stirring evocation of the great Tantric Guru of Tibet.
Talk given in 1979.

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