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Consciousness, Friends, Bodhicitta & Love

On Sat, 15 February, 2014 - 21:06
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We aim to express themes in our weekly FBA Podcasts and twice-weekly Dharmabytes. This month we’ve moved from the depths of consciousness, to reflections on Bhante as friend, from the Bodhicitta, to the Karyaniya Metta Sutta and the power of love. This theme may not be obvious to most, but for our podcast compiler, Viriyalila, this progression is all about faith, perhaps more personal than most of our themes, but a theme none the less.

To start out the month of February we podcasted a strong and thought-provoking talk by Subhuti entitled, ‘Consciousness Unfolds’. This talk was originally given at the London Buddhist Center as part one of three Rambles Around Reality, this time enquiring into the nature of consciousness from the point of view of Urgyen Sangharakshita’s particular presentation of the Dharma.

In our first Dharmabyte of the month, we chose a retrospect from Bhante, Sangharakshita, with an excerpt from the talk: “Psychology of Spiritual Development” given in 1967. In the clip titled ‘Development & Communicating Dharma’ Bhante discusses the the meaning of ‘development’ and the problem of communicating the Dharma.
 This talk is part of the series Aspects of Buddhist Psychology.

We then turned our attention to what has been happening at Adhisthana, the new home for the Trirtana Buddhist Community. In our next Dharmabyte, Bhante – Teacher and Friend’, Dhammadinna offers a beautiful short talk on her gratitude for her teacher and friend, given in December 2013, on the UK and Ireland Area Order weekend for women.On that same women’s Order Weekend, Parami gave a talk on a theme so close to her heart, we reakon she sings about in her sleep. We released the full-length FBA Podcast ‘Business As Usual – Adhisthana and the Bodhichitta’ by Parami both as a tribute to Adhistana, and also to Bhante Sanghrashita’s vision of the possibilities a modern Buddhist movement could manifest. Inspiring as ever, Parami seeds the conversation about ‘commonality of practice’ as we move forward into a new era. From the UK and Ireland Area Order weekend for women at Adhisthana on 7th December 2013.

To wrap up our visit to Adhisthana, we released another short talk given at the new home for Triratna, from the UK and Ireland Men’s Order weekend in November 2013. Dharmashalin shares the short talk ‘Adhistana Is ACE as part of the theme of ‘Adhisthana as Blessing’.

And then for Valentine’s Day we thought we’d look at true love, that which is unconditional, universal and boundless. Beginning with an FBA Dharmabyte release of The Karaniya Metta Sutta’ we hear Padmavajra chanting the pali text with love, devotion and a fullness of heart and presence. This was the opening to his talk that we then podcast the following Saturday, called…(wait for it!) ‘The Power of Love.’

We were delighted to bring you ‘The Power of Love’ for our FBA Podcast. Padmavajra begins this talk with the chanting of The Karaniya Metta Sutta, in order to invoke ‘the blessing power of loving kindness’, which according to the sutta needs to be wielded at all times. He explores all of the stages of the metta bhavana (development of loving-kindness practice), as well as showing how metta can lead to wisdom and liberation, at the same time saying: we practice the metta bhavana to love others, Enlightenment is incidental!

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