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Celebrating with the Buddhas & Bodhisattvas

On Thu, 2 January, 2014 - 17:47
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As Free Buddhist Audio celebrates their 7th Birthday, we are delighted to keep bringing you more and more Dharma. Our December FBA Podcasts and Dharmabytes dive deep into the realm of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

From the Lotus Realm, where the fires that can consume our old selves also release a new potential, the image of the phoenix evokes a transformation. In our mid-month FBA Podcast Amitabha and the Phoenix, Vessantara explores Amitabha’s emphasis on meditation and his wisdom of discrimination.

We then moved into the Vajra Realm where Sangharakshita introduces Vajrapani: The Power Aspect in an FBA Dharmabyte excerpted from The Bodhisattva Hierarchy. In The Diamond Sutra as Zen Master Abhaya gives an intriguing discussion of the sutra as Vajrapani and as a zen master. From the talk “The Diamond Sutra.” And then, for our next full-length FBA Podcast, Vadanya gives yet another introduction to this Bodhisattva of Energy in Vajrapani: The Dharma Protector.

To close the month, and hence the whole of 2013, we thought some reflections on Vajrasattva were in order. Beginning with

Vajrasattva – The Aspect of Purity by Sangharakshita, another excerpt from the talk The Bodhisattva Hierarchy given in 1969. And if you thought Vajrasattva was all about purity, we encourage you to listen to Jnanavaca in Vajrasattva: Not About Purity, our last full-length podcast for the year. We thought these reflections on purity, and not-purity, were a good lead in to ethics, so as we transition to our New Years theme, we bring you Beyond Ethics, by Subhadramati and Silapiya, the introduction to the first talk in a series exploring how our ethical practice can extend toward that which would be the natural responses of an Enlightened Being, taking into consideration the Niyamas.

We also featured several mantras as Dharmabyte podcasts including Mantra von Amitabha by Nagadakini recorded in Essen, Germany and the Sunyata Mantra from the Anapanasati Retreat Web Extras provided by Viveka, from the retreat led in 2003.

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