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Art & The Spiritual Life

On Mon, 18 March, 2013 - 13:19
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In this week’s FBA Podcast, we bring you a classic talk by Sangharakshita: “Art & The Spiritual Life.”

“Art is the organisation of sensuous impressions that express the artist’s sensibility and communicate to his audience a sense of values that can transform their lives.”

Using his own definition, Sangharakshita investigates the relevance of art and the artist to higher evolution.
 This talk given in 1969 as part of the series “The Higher Evolution.”

In 2011 we interviewed Dharmachari Ananda in Bristol who had these words to say about The Higher Evolution series:

“We are changing the human race…we are changing the whole consciousness of humanity into something new. It’s part of that vision of evolution, the higher evolution…It is a new phase of consciousness.”

“I am beginning now, after all these years, just to see we are just one stage in that huge evolution evolving of consciousness. The whole of humanity alive now is but one moment in what we’ve become and what we are going to be. We cannot imagine what are going to be. That’s assuming we don’t destroy our planet before we have a chance to do it.”

Read and listen to the FBA Ananda interview, our first recording volunteer who really got the whole ball rolling!

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