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Angels and Other Good Forces

On Mon, 21 January, 2013 - 16:44
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Our Weekly Free Podcasts, released every Saturday, gives our listeners a variety of topics to explore from our vast Buddhist library. This month we’ve been exploring how the Buddha’s teachings can really radically change the world.

January 12th Podcast
“A Force for Good in the World”

Here Vajragupta explores the potential of the Buddha’s teachings to transform society, starting with seeing how the Dhamma has helped millions of people who’ve suffered under the Hindu caste system change their lives. He asks how we’ve done in bringing this part of Bhante’s vision into being in the last 40 years, and encourages us to take opportunities to change society, including helping activists in positive change, and bringing a Buddhist perspective to current social debates. Talk given at the Bristol Buddhist Centre 2010.

January 19th Podcast
“Dreaming Angels”

Vajratara begins her a rousing and challenging talk by evoking the social revolution of Dr Ambedkar. A revolution, she says, which is still needed to overthrow unhelpful attitudes in society, free the disadvantaged and give meaning to those who long for a higher life. She explains how the Triratna Buddhist Order can be in the first rank of the fighting forces in this revolution by referring to the Five Pillars of the Order. The full title is “Dreaming Angels Each Imbued with the Mysteries of the Other – Why the Triratna Buddhist Order is Needed and What It Can Do.” Talk given on the December 2012 Triratna National Order Weekend for women.

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Good question! :) I guess have a listen…
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I saw somewhere that it’s for motorcycle maintenance. ;)

At the moment Buddhism helps me make sense of life, move in a more positive (less despairing) direction, and be a less foul-mouthed driver.

Now I want to listen to the talks that inspried the question, too!
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@Tulip - that’s a big question! If I had to sum it up in a few words, I’d start with “personal transformation for the good of oneself and all beings.” Have you given a listen to any of the introductory talks available on Free Buddhist Audio? Here’s a classic introduction from 1966 by Sangharakshita: Introducing Buddhism