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A Wisdom as Vast as the Ocean

On Fri, 22 September, 2023 - 10:08
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A Wisdom as Vast as the Ocean: Embodying Interdependence 

The third annual Triratna Earth Sangha conference, climate café and puja

Friday 17 – Sunday 19 November 2023

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Hosted by The Buddhist Centre Online, in fulfilment of the European Chairs Assembly’s strategic priority of ‘Dharmic engagement with social and ecological issues’.

Global heating is in the news, while some governments and fossil-fuel multinationals are actually reducing their carbon reduction targets. It seems as if we are back to ‘business as usual’, until the next extreme weather event or species extinction. How do we respond as Buddhists to the claims of ‘climate justice’? How does the Dharma inspire us to respond creatively to the climate and ecological emergency?

At the heart of this year’s conference will be a climate café, a mass-participation event on Saturday. The conference will include papers, workshops, guided meditations, puja, music, poetry and the visual arts. We will present perspectives of particularly affected communities and show what Buddhists can do in this current time of multiple crises.

What is the Triratna Earth Sangha?

We are a group of Triratna Order members, Mitras and Friends worldwide who are deeply concerned about the climate and ecological crises we face and see it as part of their practice to do something about them. We are aware of the Buddha’s core teaching of how actions have consequences. The accelerating destruction of ecosystems in the natural world caused by greed, hatred and ignorance is causing untold suffering to beings of many kinds, and we feel that it is our duty as Buddhists to do what we can to raise awareness of the plight of the planet, demonstrate an alternative way of life based on stillness, simplicity and contentment and act to relieve suffering where we can. Visit the TES website and Facebook group.

Conference begins Friday:

USA PST 11:00 am | México CST 1:00 pm | USA EST 2:00 pm | IE & UK GMT 7:00 pm | Europe CET 8:00 pm | India IST 12:30 am (next day) | Australia AEDT 6:00 am (next day) | New Zealand NZDT 8:00 am (next day)

Dana suggestions

$175 / £125 / €150 for all days and events

$90 / £65 / €75 per day

$15 / £10 / €12.50 for single events

Like all our events, this retreat is offered by donation rather than charging a compulsory ticket price. We want to do this because we never want money to be an obstacle to taking part in a supportive community, and we know many people are struggling financially in the wake of the pandemic and cost of living crisis. The amount we suggest reflects the huge amount of work and love that goes into putting on events we hope will benefit everyone attending. If you can, please donate today to help us continue with our work and support others to attend who cannot afford to pay. Thank you!

Proceeds will be split between the Triratna Earth Sangha (TES) and the Buddhist Centre Online. TES funds will go towards supporting eco-projects and funding a part time coordinator to continue their work.

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Embodying Interdependence: From Triratna Earth Sangha
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