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What have you brought with you?

On Sat, 26 September, 2015 - 14:11
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When people at the start of the retreat were asked what questions or musings this they brought with them, the main themes that emerged were:

  • finding more spaciousness in life that feels pressurised, busy or noisy
  • how to be more present and mindful with our children
  • how to share our spiritual life with our families
  • questioning whether we are good parents or doing okay, even if we sometimes loose our tempers…
  • Where do we end and our children begin
  • where are we, where are our hearts, within all that we need to do
  • how can we not feel guilty taking space for ourselves
  • how to re-engage with the benefits of meditation and re-establish a meditation practice after having a baby
  • how to make space for our own spiritual development
  • the need to recharge and to deepen practice

What have you brought with you as a parent as you join in online? 

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sally72's picture

to re-engage with a practice after a year that has been consumed with my role as a parent/carer

Jenny HJ's picture

Exploring how being a parent can help my pracitce instead of seeing it as a hindrance.

sheena's picture

A deep need to break out of repetitive habits of reactivity, a desire to change. Enjoying connecting with a sense of community.

sally72's picture

this chance and the facebook group is a wonderful way to feel part of a community

sheena's picture

Its great isnt it. Feeling lots of gratitude. And nice to have exchanges here- like the tea room at taraloka.

Amritavani's picture

I’m bringing gratitude for my children who ground me in a very real experience of the human realm. 

Utpaladhi's picture

I’m bringing an overwhelming love for my child, and for his example of staying in the moment and living a life of joy. I’m also bringing my own struggle with anger, as I find it hard to keep my temper as a parent and to speak from a place of love.