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On Wed, 30 October, 2019 - 18:04
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‘Seeing Bhante - A Personal Perspective’

We will be live streaming Jnanavaca’s talk ‘Seeing Bhante - A Personal Perspective’ on Wednesday 30th October 7.30pm GMT. 

Jnanavaca reflects on the significance of Sangharakshita’s life, exactly one year after his death.

The talk will be live here as well as on the site home page, the Sangharakshita Memorial space and on our facebook page

Note: To hear the sound click unmute. If you can’t see the mute button please enter full screen mode first.

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Prajnagita's picture

Thank you Buddhist Centre Online for live streaming that. Thank you Adhisthana for hosting, and particular thanks to Jnanavaca for a very moving and inspiring talk! x Prajnagita  

nagesvara's picture

Thanks for the live stream and a very special talk. 

warm wishes from Madrid,

Nagesvara and Amalasiri

Viryabodhi's picture

Thank you, Jnanavaca, for a moving and truly inspiring talk. I’m very glad that you have the experience you have and have had, of Bhante Sangharakshita. And I’m pleased to hear someone else who dreams – or have dreamt – of Bhante, and has that blessed connection. I’m sure there are many of us, but many who don’t make much fuss about it or talk much about it. There were many aspects of the talk I appreciated, as well as Saddhanandi’s introduction and summing up. Holding those different aspects or sides of Bhante is somewhat a challenge, or maybe it was more a challenge before for me, but its certainly still needs doing. And appreciating those depths without loosing sight of Bhante’s more human, fallible sides.

I also enjoyed the video Remembering Sangharakshita through his friends. 

Much love, Viryabodhi 
(from the cold north, Sweden!)

Sudipta's picture

Thank you so much for a very inspiring talk Jnanavaca.

Much metta,

Sudipta (From Pune,India)