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Vimalamati - Filaments of Compassion

On Tue, 20 September, 2016 - 00:14
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From a series of talks given on the Women’s International Order Convention 2016, taking one of the figures of the different sadhana practices that Sangharakshita received as the focus for each day.

Vimalamati gives a beautifully rich and imaginative talk on the day devoted to Padmasambhava. She focuses on the red lotus arising from the blue sky, describing the space from which the yiddam appears as the fabric of a fine silk made of the filaments of compassion.

Please note that Tarahridaya, who kindly provided a translation into Marathi for this talk, has not had any training in English, or in interpreting skills, and Marathi is not her first language. We are very grateful to her for help in making the talk accessible to the Indian Dharmacharinis present on the occasion.

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