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Urban Retreat Program (PDF version)

On Fri, 8 November, 2013 - 11:22
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Here’s a PDF version of the program for the retreat to complement the online version.

A note on using Issuu (the rather nice way we embed documents on The Buddhist Centre Online): you can usually download by clicking the Issuu document and, when it opens full-screen, choosing the ‘share’ icon (top right)…
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could anybody tell me, how many countries, that is: participants from how many different countries (and if so, which countries?) take part in the Urban Retreat 2013?
I hope I have picked the right addressee here, am new on this platform and not quite sure, if I am right here.
with best wishes
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Hello Tina,

I’m afraid there isn’t a simple answer to your question! There are people taking part in the event at Triratna Buddhist Centres and there are people taking part on-line… and some doing both. But we don’t have a complete list, or know how many.

If you scroll down the course materials you’ll see that Lokabandhu posted a “metta map”. This has loads of photos of people taking part in different parts of the world. So that’ll give you some sense of the spread.

I know of people from the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Russia, China, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil, taking part. But there are probably others I don’t know about!

Hopefully folk will post up comments and contributions during the week and that’ll also give us a sense where we are all from. Of course, some of the people I’ve mentioned above won’t be doing it in English and we may not hear from them on this online retreat…

With metta,
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Hi Mitratina, yes, as Vajragupta said, it’s hard to tell. Not everyone around the world will use this space, but we do now have over 300 online retreatants ready to take part. I’m sure they’ll be joined by more as the week progresses…