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Urban Retreat Online Program & Resources

On Wed, 6 November, 2013 - 23:45
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Here’s the full retreat program for the online version of the retreat. These resources are also for use by anyone taking part in the Urban Retreat around the world at their local Buddhist centre.

We’ve also included here details of the special web-only events we’ll be having as part of the retreat, including online meditation, Twitter Q & A and a Facebook discussion in our group there. Watch this space for more details!
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Bodhidasa's picture
Thank you for creating and sharing such a clear plan for the retreat.
saddhāruci's picture
Great! thank you for all the work behind this.
capra's picture
I am looking forward to my first Urban Retreat. Thank you!
Upayadhi's picture
Wonderful!! Looking very much forward.
Question: how can I print the program? Seems not possible from the ISSU platform?
In gratitude
Savanna - NYC
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Hi Savanna, if you click on the Issuu document then choose the share button (top right) you can download for printing from there. But we also posted a PDF for printing - you should find it under ‘talks & resources’.
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Here’s a direct link to the PDF for anyone looking: http://thebuddhistcentre.com/features/urban-retreat-2013-blazing-sun/urb…