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Introducing the team for the urban retreat…

On Thu, 7 November, 2013 - 22:16
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Hello there, just wanted to introduce the “team” for the urban retreat, but before that here is a couple of responses to questions we’ve had about the event…

1) Is there any charge for the online urban retreat?
It is all free. We will have an appeal for some money on Wednesday and Friday to help pay for future online urban retreats. You are really welcome to contribute if you wish, but we are basically offering this for free…

2) Is there going to be loads of material, too much stuff to deal with?
There is quite a rich mix of course material, but you’ll be guided through and you can choose what you want to engage with. I’d say don’t forget the whole idea is to intensify your practice for the week. It is about trying to gain the confidence that it IS possible to practice the Buddha’s teachings even with a busy life and responsibilities. For this to work, don’t take too much on! And don’t spend the whole week online! Just choose one or two things that you are really going to engage with and do them as best you can. For example you could do the daily led meditation, or the daily practice reflection from Subhadramati – which is all about taking the practice off your meditation cushion and into your life…

And now to introduce our team: We’ve got a few people who may make an appearance during the week, offering their own reflections on metta (loving-kindness) and also responding to any comments and questions that you post. They are…

Advayasiddhi (from Denmark), Amalavajra (from the UK), Candradasa (East Coast USA), Manidha (from Seattle, USA), Munisha (UK), Lokabandhu (UK), Sraddhabandhu (from Germany), Suvannavira (in Moscow), and Vajragupta (who lives in the UK, but who is doing the urban retreat at the Berlin Triratna Centre)… quite an international team! Vessantara will also be doing a Q&A a couple of times during the week…
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we would like to know, how many countries are involved in the Urban Retreat. Could you help with this?
could anybody tell, how many countries take part in the Urban Retreat 2013?
How many countries are represented by the participants?
And if so: which countries take part?
Thank you for your help.
with best wishes