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Upayavira - Meditating With Your Child (Introduction and Guided Meditation)

On Fri, 25 September, 2015 - 21:09
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As part of our weekend of resources for parents looking to practice Buddhism and meditation while caring for small children, we’re very happy to offer this great guided meditation from Upayavira, complete with a full introduction. Ideal for anyone looking to get started with practice - or renew it! - after having kids.

Upayavira was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2000, and became a parent soon after. Since then, he has been exploring, often through necessity, ways to meditate with children around. He’s led “Meditation for Parents” workshops at the Buddhafield Festival and a the Buddhafield Village retreat, as well at some local Buddhist Centres - with the aim of demonstrating that practicing with your young children present isn’t just possible, there can be some huge benefits in this form of practice.

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This is incredibly helpful. Thank you!
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Positive, inspiring, giving acceptance to practice for parents. Like the idea of presence meditation, maybe short periods of this on bad days

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Thankyou Upayavira, I just sat with M just now and was struck once more that so much of the time I am with her I with her and washing up, with her and cooking tea, even at playgroup with he and chatting with friends. Sat here just now whilst she played I felt more present with her than I often do when not meditating. It such a lovely way to cultivate appreciation. Thankyou.