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Step Into the Unknown: Day Retreat Exploring Metaphor, Meditation & Writing

On Thu, 5 August, 2021 - 12:35
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Day Retreat with Yashobodhi, Sunday September 19

Come to the full day—or just the first or second session.

First session (3.5 hrs): 
IE & UK 09:00 | Europe CET 10:00 | India 13:30 | Australia AEST 18:00 | New Zealand 20:00

Second session (2.5 hrs): 
USA PST 06:00 | México 08:00 | USA EST 09:00 | IE & UK 14:00 | Europe CET 15:00 | | India 18:30 | Australia AEST 23.00

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About the day retreat
Writing with metaphors is like an alchemical process. A series of writing prompts call images directly to mind, expressing patterns that have often not been seen before. As we journey through the day, old narratives can transform into something fresh and more helpful. We can take what emerges into meditation and relate to it with kindness, allowing any new patterns to be gently integrated into our experience.

Please note, this is not a day about improving general writing skills, or about creating a text.


What to expect
The first part of this day retreat starts with a forty-minute meditation, partially guided, followed by writing to a sequence of prompts. It ends with some reflection on what we have written. We will also do some walking practice and come back together for more exploration via meditation and metaphor.

The second part will involve more reflection, writing, and interaction in small groups. This will allow us to give voice to our process and be witnessed by others who share the space.

You’ll get the most out of this day by joining us for both parts, if you can. It’s also fine to attend just the first or second session of the retreat.

You do not have to share your writing. It is for your eyes only!


Yashobodhi has been teaching Buddhism, meditation and mindfulness in different settings for over 15 years, and continues to do so online. She has studied as a facilitator of expressive and therapeutic writing, and has been running a weekly writing group since the beginning of the pandemic.

Yashobodhi is herself a writer. She had two books on Buddhism published in the Netherlands, and for many years contributed to an annual publication highlighting Buddhist quotes. She has also published articles in a variety of magazines, and was the editor of a Dutch Buddhist magazine.


Reserve a space on this day retreat

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