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‘Reflecting on diversity in Bhante’s New Society’ - Vimalasara

On Sat, 20 August, 2016 - 20:37
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Revisiting Sangharakshita’s classic talk ‘The Nucleus of a New Society’ from the 1970s, four members of the Triratna Buddhist Order offer bold, challenging, perspectives of what it could be to engage anew with his radical vision of a new kind of society. Through the twin lenses of diversity and climate change, we hear questioning voices and affirming notions of community-based and personal Dharma practice in a suffering world. The invitation to examine our own perspectives and biases is both essential and potentially liberating, opening…

Vimalasara reflects on diversity in Bhante’s New Society.

The first of four talks given at the Triratna Buddhist Order Combined International Convention on 18 August 2016 at Wymondham College

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The personal experiences shared here and the appeals to turn toward difficult experience with the Buddha as an example make this a deeply affective (and effective) talk. And what a rare treat to hear Pat Parker referenced in a Dharma talk. Thank you.