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Radical Dharma in Venezuela: Supporting the Sangha in Hard Times

On Fri, 12 November, 2021 - 16:24
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Thursday 2nd December, 1.5 hours

USA PST 11:30 | México 13:30 | USA EST 14:30 | IE & UK 19:30 | Europe CET 20:30 | India 01:00 (next day) | Australia AEDT 06.30 (next day) | New Zealand 08.30 (next day)

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This event will take place as the culmination of our Home Retreat, How to Really Save the World, led by Parami, exploring how we can bring into being a vision of a ‘new world’, where “we relate to one another as individuals, a world in which we are free to develop to the utmost of our potential, and in which the social, economic, and political structures will help us to do that”.

We hope to raise awareness and funds to support our community in Merida. All are welcome to attend!

Imagine that you lived in well-functioning society which slowly fell apart at the seams. Hyper-inflation sent prices for food, petrol, and other basic items spiralling to astronomic levels… A loaf of bread now costs what you would have bought a car for a few years ago. Friends and loved ones have left in search of better futures, bound for countries resistant to immigrants. Those left behind scrape by with whatever means they can.

Venezuela is a country in crisis. How can practicing the Dharma help? Here is a panel discussion among three friends of Venezuela about how we can, as individuals, and as part of a sangha, support our Buddhist community at a time of great uncertainty.

Join us as we hear from people directly involved in supporting Dharma activities in Venezuela and help raise money to support the Merida Buddhist Centre.

Our Buddhist Centre in Merida serves a crucial role in helping people through these extremely challenging times. We support the spiritual wellbeing and mental health of hundreds of people through meditation, yoga, Dharma study and friendship. We are literally an oasis for people who are desperate and have so few resources. - Abhayasara

Attend this event and donate

Find out more about the How to Really Save the World home retreat

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