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Radical Dharma in Triratna - Looking Back and Ahead in Principle and Practice / Dharma radical en Triratna: mirando hacia atrás y hacia adelante en principio y práctica (con traducción al espanol)

On Sun, 27 October, 2019 - 04:21
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From the 2019 Triratna Buddhist Order Pan-American Convention in Mexico, an excellent triad of short talks looking at what it means to be radical in the context of our history as a community - and what it might mean in future.

Upekshamati, founder of much of the Triratna community’s presence in Mexico, starts us off with a précis and his personal response to Sangharakshita’s talk from 1999 - ‘Looking Ahead A Little Way’

Aryajaya picks up the theme by giving her personal perspective on Triratna history 20 years after the talk, exploring how much has changed in key areas of our community’s life.

Finally, Lokeshvara offers a personal take on the principles of Dharma practice in Triratna, offering a distillation of eight principles that animated our community in the past and will always need to be renewed in the life of anyone following the Buddha’s way in future.

Recorded at Chintamani Retreat Centre, Mexico, October 2019.

With simultaneous translation in Spanish.


Upekshamati, fundador de gran parte de la presencia de la comunidad de Triratna en México, comienza con un resumen y su respuesta personal a la charla de Sangharakshita de 1999: “Mirando hacia adelante un poco”. 

Aryajaya retoma el tema dándole su perspectiva personal sobre la historia de Triratna 20 años después de la charla, explorando cuánto ha cambiado en áreas clave de la vida de nuestra comunidad. 

Finalmente, Lokeshvara ofrece una visión personal de los principios de la práctica del Dharma en Triratna, ofreciendo una destilación de ocho principios que animaron a nuestra comunidad en el pasado y siempre deberán renovarse en la vida de cualquiera que siga el camino del Buda en el futuro. 

Grabado en el Centro de Retiros Chintamani, México, octubre de 2019, con traducción simultánea al español.


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Lokeshvara sees his “8 Principles of the Order” as a work-in-progress. Here they are for easy reference in this talk. 

  1. Going for Refuge to the Three Jewels for the sake of Awakening for all beings is the definitive act of a Buddhist life.
  2. The principle focus is the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni, but we draw on the whole Buddhist tradition.
  3. Open to change and adpatation, assessing new teachings in terms of the Middle Way.
  4. Providing a unified and coherent body of teachings that allows for common discussion and clarification.
  5. Open to all spiritual temperaments.
  6. Recognising the importance of the imagination, art and culture.
  7. Kalyana mitrata as the fundamental mode of communication in the Order.
  8. Creating contexts for intensity of engagement.
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Lokeshvara considera sus “8 Principios de la Orden” como un trabajo en proceso. Aquí se encuentran para fácil referencia en esta charla.

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Lokeshvara’s talk was incredible. I think that it will.be a game-changer for many people. His exploration of the principles of Bhante’s six emphases was personal, reasonable and in a way radical. Individuals with doubts and questions about the future of the Order may find this talk very helpful and hopeful. What a wonderful Convention! This talk and the vitality, warmth, and dedication of the Mexican sangha and the time spent with my Preceptor, Sanghadevi made this a very inspiring experience. Thank you ! Viriyagita