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The Quintessence of Compassion

On Fri, 26 August, 2016 - 16:44
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The birds sing at dawn for you
And, after winter, Earth puts out bright flowers
The stars adorn your hair
And oceans lie like crumpled silk
Beneath your feet.
Your eyes shine with pure love.
Clouds melt in your hands
Dropping moisture to plants and streams.

Bestowing confidence, unwavering
Tara you are the perfect friend
Delighting in turning sorrow to joy
Your sole desire to heal all pain.
How wonderful ! How wonderful !
Aryatara, shelter in a storm
Welcome light in darkness
There is no end
To rejoicing in you.

Thank you to Varabhadri for this beautiful rejoicing in Green Tara which was read during our Green Tara puja.

Listen to the mantra from our Green Tara puja here on SoundCloudthe Karaniya Metta sutta chanted by Jnanasakhi, and an interview with Karunadhi and Dharmamayi about their highlights from the Green Tara day here.

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