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Podcast - The Spirit of the Abhayaratna Trust

On Mon, 4 February, 2019 - 17:45
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This is not theoretical, this is how it is, it’s life: sickness and ageing are very challenging.

Mahasraddha is the Director of the Abhayaratna Trust which exists to help support Order Members in financial difficulty.

In this conversation Mahasraddha outlines his vision for the Trust - and its spirit, which is based on Sangharakshita’s lecture, ‘A Case of Dysentery’. He also mentions a number of projects that the Abhayaratna Trust have in the pipeline, including establishing local care networks and supporting co-housing initiatives.

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bsmatthews19@gmail.com's picture

As an Abhayararatna Trust rep, it’s great to hear your vision for going forward into 2020 Mahasraddha - thank you! I know there are many nurses, still practicing or retired, involved in the Triratna movement. I urge them to step forward to support the Trust’s work. We have an opportunity to practice generosity by sharing our many skills, and make a difference for people in this world.

Munisha's picture

Dear Mahasraddha,

Thank you for this interesting interview, and for making the point that Triratna cannot expand without first consolidating.

I am seeing this also in my work in Safeguarding - that our current infrastructure (resources both financial and human) is simply inadequate to to the task of running of an international Buddhist order and community even at the size we are already.

Before we think of starting any more Groups or Centres, we need first to fund the human resources necessary to run our existing Groups and Centres safely, and the College and Order (including the care of elderly, ill and/or poor Order members).