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#PilgrimageUnlimited: Contribute to the future of women's ordinations... 🥳✨🧘‍♂️

On Sun, 18 June, 2023 - 01:40
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Ratnadharini is at the half-way point of her 150 mile pilgrimage between the places of Sangharakshita’s birth and death; and, we have reached 70% of her fundraising target.

Having lived for 15 years at Tiratanaloka, before taking on the property search, purchase and renovation of Adhisthana, Tiratanaloka Unlimited is a project close to her heart. For the last three and a half years she has been serving our Order and Community as the Chair of the College of Public Preceptors, in many ways both seen and unseen. Her idea for this pilgrimage was inspired, and a very personal expression of her practice and service.  And, it’s been a beautiful thing to see it catch people’s imagination, and for so many to be bearing her in mind along the way and sponsoring her.

She would like to raise another £5000, which we could do if 100 of you were able to give £50 each, or if 50 of you gave £100 each.

Can you give and contribute to Tiratanaloka in their efforts to create more supportive conditions to support women training for Ordination around the world?

Here, Vajrapriya tells us why he thinks Tiratanaloka Unlimited is a significant project for all of us and why he decided to donate; and Akasajoti shares why she’s been moved by Ratnadharini’s pilgrimage and why you might consider sponsoring her.

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Sponsor Ratnadharini for Tiratanaloka Unlimited and contribute to future of women’s ordinations in Triratna…
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