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Parami's Perspectives No. 4 - Tejopala and Akasamati on Climate Change and Triratna

On Fri, 23 October, 2015 - 01:12
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Parami is back, reporting from  Australasia - or is it Oceania? - talking with two friends who have spent much of their adult lives reflecting on - and acting upon - climate change as an integral aspect of their Buddhist practice. A fascinating, sometimes sobering, but realistically positive conversation about what environmental issues have to do with the Dharma - and what we can do to get involved…

Topics covered include ‘transition towns’; Al Gore’s initiative; thinking about our kids; how to deal with carbon that’s already present in the atmosphere; why attending to this issue is crucial Dharma practice - individually and communally; divestment; what can we do to get involved in Triratna?

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