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Pan-American Convention 2019 - Online Dharma Coverage!

On Thu, 24 October, 2019 - 13:44
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It’s a busy time in Triratna around the world, and here on The Buddhist Centre. Last week the livestream of ordinations from Mexico City and the corresponding great ordination of 31 Dharma farers from India.

This weekend we’ll have coverage of The Big One, Young Buddhists gathering from Adhisthana. And tomorrow we’ll also be beginning a week’s worth of online Dharma coverage from the Triratna Pan-American Convention 2019, live from the beautiful Chintamani Retreat Centre in Mexico. 

The theme of the Convention is Looking Ahead A Little Way - based on the talk by Sangharakshita, in which he spoke about the importance of the Order’s core project: seeing in a clear and unshakable way the nature of reality, and living peacefully from that vision of things. Cultivating the accompanying deep mindfulness and compassion for the sake of all beings, working tirelessly to encourage and support the attainment of this freedom of heart and mind for everyone. 

Our hosting Mexican Order members are expecting to be joined by Dharma sisters and brothers from Brazil, North America (Canada, Mexico and the United States of America), and Venezuela, with guests visiting from other parts of the world. Come and join us online for Dharma talks, podcasts, pictures and video from a community of practice and inspiration meeting in large numbers in the glorious Mexican countryside. 🙏🏻

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Hi there,

you list Canada & North America …. North America is Canada, The Unites States of America & The United Mexican States ( los Estados Unidos Mexicanos ). It’s an important distinction to make as to state the USA is North America is inaccurate, misleading and leads to views that  are unhelpful.

hope you are all having a great convention. Viva Mexico !



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Post now clarified, Sthirabandhu! Hope you are well!

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Your +follow link to convention leads to Sangharakshita’s death anniversary post. 🙂

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Thanks, Sanghamani. We’ve replaced it with something more relevant!