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Ordinations Live From Bodhgaya!

On Sat, 3 February, 2018 - 02:33
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Update: The ordination of Mokshasara and Shramanveer is now over - watch again here or on Facebook!

(Note: To hear the sound click unmute. If you can’t see the mute button please enter full screen mode first.)

As we close the week-long Order retreat and turn towards our Convention marking the 50th anniversary of Triratna and the Order itself, we are in Bodhgaya, India, to bring you live coverage of a public ordination under the Bodhi tree.

Bharati Uttam Shetty and Dhangaj Singh will be taking this great step in their lives with friends and well-wishers at home and around the world  - watch along above (click to play) or via this link on Facebook: 


If you view it on Facebook you can also see and make comments.

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