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(More) Reflections: Writing and Meditation

On Tue, 15 August, 2023 - 14:46
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Sunday October 15th 2023 with Yashobodi
Following an engaging and thought-provoking event held last Spring, we invite you once more to take part in a day of exploration and practice through meditation and reflective writing with Yashobodhi and others. We will gently delve into our experience following writing prompts and working with images and metaphors. No previous experience required!

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The kind of writing we will be doing is unplanned. We are expressing in written words whatever comes up in relation to a series of prompts. And through this process we learn more about our minds and hearts.

We can write anything we want to, and everything that emerges is “right”! It is not about correct grammar or punctuation, but about making visible what may often be invisible.

We are not producing a text, but instead relating, discovering, and perhaps transforming.

There will also be a chance to interact with other participants in small breakout groups. You do not need to share your writing if you do not wish to.

The day consists of two parts which can be attended separately if you wish. We recommend taking part in the whole day, to get the most out of this event!

Day retreat online, October 15th
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