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Meditation Workshop - Five Breaths

On Thu, 1 October, 2015 - 23:28
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As a companion to her talk, The Possibility of Practice and her guided Meditation on the Three Bodies (physical, emotional, and mental) this workshop is indispensable. Amaragita explodes and expands notions around the practice of paying attention via awareness of the breath, using the deceptively simple exercise of taking just five breaths through the day. 

We hear how the practice relates to the theory of Buddhist meditation and are encouraged to choose and learn from our direct experience of how we respond to our breath in the moment. There’s a chance to try it out too as you listen - and we highly recommend that you do! A moving, quietly revolutionary take on practice for parents, and for anyone who has a full, busy life and needs some tools to take on anxiety and stress. Just five breaths…

Workshop recorded on the Mothers Retreat at Taraloka Retreat Centre.

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