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Metta and Solidarity with Our European Sangha

On Tue, 8 March, 2022 - 08:07
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Tuesday 8th March 2022

2 hours: USA PST 11:00 | Mexico 13:00 | USA EST 14:00 | IE & UK 19:00 | Europe 20:00 CET | Kyiv: 21:00  |  Moscow: 22:00  |  India. 00:30 (next day) | Australia AEDT 06:00 (next day) | New Zealand NZDT 08:00 (next day)

About the event
A session of practice live from Adhisthana. An opportunity to gather together around the world and stand on the Buddhist values of metta and non-violence in the face of the world’s sorrows.

This event will feature Order members and representatives of our sanghas across Europe, and will include readings from the Karaniya Metta Sutta in various languages.

Re-watch on YouTube

Not by hatred are hatreds ever pacified here. They are pacified by love. This is the eternal law. 

~ The Dhammapada

The particular defiling tendency of mind to which violence (hirsa) is affiliated is, as we have already seen, hatred dvesa, (Pali dosa). The practice of ahinsa therefore consists in the eradication of hatred (dvesa) and the cultivation of love (advesa). But since hatred (dvesa) is, like desire (lobha), in turn affiliated to ignorance (moha), the practice of ahimsa consists, in the last analysis, in the eradication of ignorance (moha) and the cultivation of wisdom (prajña, bodhi). Ahimsa resolves itself into love, and love in turn resolves itself into knowledge, for action depends upon feeling, and feeling in turn depends upon understanding. Ahimsa is ‘the outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace’, the external expression of an internal realization. We should try to find out what that understanding, grace, or realization is, for without it the practice of ahimsa is impossible.

~ Urgyen Sangharakshita


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