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Letting Go Of Fear

On Tue, 18 August, 2020 - 18:20
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The Buddha was said to be completely fearless. What does that mean for us?

We all experience fear at times. And fear has its uses! It can spur us into action and help us avoid danger. But fear can also imprison us and paralyze us. It can stop us from leading the life we want. 

It’s a scary world sometimes. So how can we become fearless ourselves?

This is a beautiful animated film by Aryajit about how to face our fears and work towards overcoming them. 

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Aryajit is a film maker who communicates the Buddha’s teachings in a striking way with humour and insight, helping establish the practice and understanding the Buddhist tradition in the modern world.

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Animation by Aryajit
Written by Aryajit and Candradasa
Voice by Laura Horwood-Benton
Produced by Candradasa for The Buddhist Centre Online 

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Kathryn Lloyd's picture

Wow! What an amazing creation of synchronising words of wisdom with strong, visual and audio impressions. This is a fabulous piece of work which is also a reminder that the Dharma is vividly alive and available to all of us here and now. …beyond being stuck in dogmas of simply following tradition.  Well done for your dedication and efforts of guiding and supporting a growing community via online channels. May it continue to flourish and thrive. Thank You All. 🙏💎 Xx