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Launching Personal Digests for The Buddhist Centre Online

On Mon, 24 November, 2014 - 19:55
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One of the most commonly requested features we get from our community of users is for more convenient ways to stay in touch with the increasingly broad array of public and private Dharma spaces on our site. Instant notifications work well and are great for some users. But now that we’ve also got three great streams of curated content - Triratna News, Community Highlights, and Buddhist Centre Features - there’s even more to experience, and more need for a simpler way to keep up-to-date without the risk of being overwhelmed by a thousand email alerts…

Announcing personal email digests!
Now whenever you + follow public Dharma spaces on our site or + join private ones, you have the choice of turning off instant notifications for all of them and we’ll send you instead a single, beautifully formatted daily or weekly digest of all new content from the spaces you’ve connected to. Many of the posts you’ll see in digests are fully contained in the email itself - and you can easily click through to view longer posts or accompanying media. You can check out what they look like in the pictures with this post. We hope you’ll like digests! And as ever, if you have any thoughts, please do feedback [at] thebuddhistcentre.com (share them with us).

To turn on daily or weekly digests, log in and go to your ‘my profile’ page (you’ll find it under your account shortcuts menu, just hover over your name top right of any screen).

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p.s. Your personal email digest is not the same as our regular ‘Triratna Highlights’ newsletter. We suggest staying subscribed to this to keep in touch with the best from Triratna around the world!
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