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Karunagita On 'A Path for Parents'

On Fri, 25 September, 2015 - 18:18
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I have a strong conviction, based on experience, that the context of motherhood offers many invaluable opportunities for insight, heart-opening and personal and spiritual growth. This includes invitations from small children to dwell in the here and now and opportunities for letting go and responding creatively to not getting what we want. We will focus on the inherent opportunities and challenges of motherhood during the weekend.

I was inspired to write this book for myself and for other mothers questioning how to make the teachings and lifestyles associated with Buddhism relevant to our own lives. I was really keen that it would be ‘warts and all’ rather than present an idealised, soft focus view. I’m always touched when people tell me it resonates with their own experience and helps gives them confidence in their own spiritual practice.


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Thank you. I read your book before I had my first child about 7 years ago and found it so helpful. Listening to your short clip I felt you were lucky to have been able to carry on with your practice in the same way with one child. It wasn’t so in my experience but then my practice was not as strong at that time.I guess circumstances are different for us all.I now have 2 children and its funny because I feel my practice is stronger than when I was young free and single but as you say its about seeing the day to day things as practice. Thank you again.