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Kamalashila's Quarterly No.1

On Wed, 4 December, 2013 - 17:25
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A delightful conversation with Kamalashila, one of the most experienced meditation teachers in the Triratna Buddhist Order. This first interview of a proposed quarterly series was recorded in summer 2012 and affords some lovely insights into Kamalashila’s own history of practice as it interweaves with that of the Triratna Community since the early 1970s. A thought-provoking look back at the roots of our community, and an optimistic look forward in the light of many changes and new kinds of realities…

Topics covered are:

01 Introduction

02 Kamalashila’s name

03 Early days of Triratna

04 A transition phase, London

05 Change in the community since the 1970s

06 Kamalashila’s book on meditation

07 A system of meditation

08 Changes in the community as reflected in meditation teaching

09 A bigger Movement of experience

10 Samatha and Vipassana

11 Landscape and meditation

12 Changing conditions

13 Triratna and Kamalashila now

14 Practicing on the internet

15 Our minds are amazing

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Upayadhi's picture
Thank you for this! Really enjoyed listening. You could have gone on for another 2 hrs as far as I am concerned! ;-) Love to you both
Savanna (mitra NYC)
Candradasa's picture
Thanks, Savanna! :) Sequel coming up in the new year…
antiloquax's picture
I really enjoyed listening to Kamalashila talk about the new verstion of Meditation. The original book was very important to me when I first became interested in the Dharma. I will have to buy the new one!