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ICin5: Highlights From The Heart of Triratna

On Mon, 7 September, 2020 - 22:20
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If you are any way way connected to Triratna, the International Council is kind of a big deal. Even if you don’t know it! 

Last week – as every year – Order members all around the world gathered for a series of intensive discussions to explore Dharma practice in our community. What’s live and bubbling up in their own areas: Australia and New Zealand, Canada & the USA, Europe, India, Ireland & the UK. What’s passing through our Movement and Order internationally – like a vital ocean current, carrying tradition and innovation with it, travelling across geographic and cultural boundaries, bringing the Dharma to life.

Trying to capture what happened is a tough ask at the best of times. And this year, since it was all happening online in many time zones, the work of keeping up with it all required a different kind of effort. 

Every day we produced a five-minute video, like taking a snapshot of a dynamic, creative, ever-changing context in a moment in time. The conversations sampled were from the perspective of one area of the world each day. We present them all together here here in their byte-sized splendour.

If you care about Triratna – or just what it’s like to try and maintain and encourage the development of a truly global Buddhist community – you’ll find many jewels here. Enjoy the video rainbow stream!

The theme of this year’s meeting was ‘The Arising of the Bodhichitta’: watch all the Dharma talks here!

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