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'Evoking myths for the future' - Prajnaketu

On Tue, 30 August, 2016 - 20:20
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Yashosagar, Vajratara, and Prajnaketu look forward and share their dreams of the future. Re-visiting the perspectives of Sangharakshita’s talk ‘A Blueprint for a New World’ we hear about the wider Dharma vision of Dr. Ambedkar in India, whose emphasis on liberty, equality, and fraternity is more relevant than ever. We are invited to imagine a future where Buddhist Centres serve as hubs that support their communities in more and more ways as economic and social conditions change. And we have an evocation of how the  myths we carry and struggle with can shape a future inspiring to all generations.

The third of three talks given at the Triratna Buddhist Order Combined International Convention on 19 August 2016 at Wymondham CollegeDescription

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VIRIYAGITA's picture

Great! I agree. We are a vibrant brilliant Order.and i would be considered in the older generation. For me the myth of the solitary yogi comes together withe myth of the revolutionary heroine and feel integrated.  When I talk with other Dharma farers we seem outside of time. there is a connection   outside of it. I am proud to be Viriyagita of the Triratna Order helping to bring fruition Bhante’s vision of new society.

Bodhidasa's picture

Brother, seeing you speak with such clarity and courage brings me joy. And confidence. It is not easy to challenge, as kindfully as you have, the narratives that hold us back from beauty. Sadhu!