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#EthicalChristmas: Jai Bhim International - Give Them Shelter!

On Wed, 26 November, 2014 - 19:46
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Centre Team
We’re delighted to welcome as partners in our #ethicalchristmas campaign the wonderful team at Jai Bhim International.

Although they won’t sell you something for Christmas, they’ll certainly do something amazing with your money when you give someone you love the gift of supporting Jai Bhim’s inspiring new Give Them Shelter appeal to build a dormitory for girl students in India.

Support Give Them Shelter

Jai Bhim International is a global community of friends, collaborating with young people from India’s Dalit community - those traditionally-considered “untouchable” - on educational programs. Their programs are based at Sakya Hostels in southeast India and Jai Bhim Kerala in southwest India.

Follow them on Twitter | Facebook | Medium | Vimeo | Indiegogo

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